sashimi platter

sashimi platter

There so many ways on serving sashimi. Sashimi is one Japan’s best food. Sashimi is eaten raw. All ingredients of sashimi are raw. Sashimi is healthy and delicious. The main ingredient of making sashimi is seafood like salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab and others. Sashimi is slice thinly. Each sashimi has its design to make the plate presentation very nice and attractive in the eyes of the customers.

Most restaurants serve sashimi platter. In sashimi platter there many different kinds of sashimi being serve in one big plate. It is a combination of different sashimi and arrange in a plate. Sashimi like salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, yellowtail, ebi sashimi and others depends on the menu of the restaurants. Sashimi platter is being ordered by customers who love to try different kinds of sashimi.

In sashimi platter you can see different kinds of sashimi and the platter looks colourful since each types of sashimi have different kinds of meat use. Those meats have a different texture and colour of meat. Sashimi is arranged properly and chefs put some side dishes to make it more an eye catching. There are some sashimi platters that only one kind of sashimi put in a platter. It depends on customer’s choice.

In sashimi platter the price will matter what kind of sashimi you order. Sashimi order is known in many parts of the world like Singapore, Hawaii and New York. There are people love to eat sashimi which being put in a big plate and with many side dishes. It looks very delicious and since it serves in bulk they can surely be satisfied with sashimi platter. Chefs have many different techniques on sashimi platter to make it tasteful and at the same time appetizing.