sashimi parasites

sashimi parasites

The sashimi dish is considered famous food in Japan together with sushi. Japanese people are fun of eating raw food. A raw food is a kind of food that you will directly eat the flesh of the meat. Raw food like sashimi parasites cannot be avoided but there is a remedy on it. After the fish is being catch make sure that it will go directly to the freezer with high temperature so that the parasites will not attack the meat of the fish.

The Japanese chefs already know how to prevent sashimi parasites and serve sashimi safe from any round worms and tiny bacteria that can make the sashimi unhealthy. The food association is very strict when it comes to raw food that is why they will check the raw meat if it has on high quality but in Japan raw food is guaranteed safe.

There are people who are afraid to eat raw foods because they are afraid of food poisoning or food contaminations but Japanese restaurants assures their customers that the threat of sashimi parasites is not a problem because they know how to avoid those bacteria that will attack the meat of the fish. There are different kinds of parasites that can affect the freshness of the fish there is what they call tapeworm which is usually infected is those fish in the freshwater.

In order to remove the parasites in the skin of the fish it need to cooked and other way is to freeze the fish with high temperature and sashimi parasites would no longer be a problem. It is very important that the worms and other bacteria should be remove in the body of the fish before it will serve because if not there is a big possibility that human can take the bacteria and it will harmful him. There are many kinds of sashimi and usually the seafood meat is favourite meat of most restaurants serve.