sashimi nigiri

sashimi nigiri

There is no such dish as sashimi nigiri because in the first place, a nigiri is a type of sushi and it is not a sashimi. In order for people not to be confused about it, I am writing this article so that they will know that sashimi nigiri is not a type of sashimi but it is a sushi. The article title sashimi nigiri is also a mistake because as what I’ve said nigiri is a specific type of sushi that is sliced firmly and even though that sashimi is also made out of raw fish and sliced firmly, it should not be called as sashimi nigiri because nigiri is only for sushi and not for sashimi.

Nigiri may have attributes that could look like a sashimi but at the end of the day, a nigiri is not a sashimi because it is a sushi. There has been countless debates that sushi and sashimi are just the same but in reality, they are two different Japanese delicacies and served with different styles and different ingredients so there is no such dish as sashimi nigiri. Nigiri sushi is also often served with rice while a sashimi is served without rice and still it is made from a raw fish or meat.

Nigiri sushi is mainly firmly cut raw fish or other sea foods but a sashimi could be a raw meat, beef or chicken that is sliced firmly and perfectly. The similarity between a sashimi and nigiri is that both of the two dishes are accompanied with wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce but in reality these two famous Japanese dish are different from each other. So sashimi nigiri is not actually a dish but it is two different type of Japanese dish.

In my own opinion, there are people who loves to eat nigiri sushi and also there are people who prefer sashimi. But in reality, both of these Japanese delicacies are very delicious and very healthy to eat. You should only make sure that the fish or meat being used is a sashimi grade or sushi grade. You can appreciate the exquisite taste of these delicacies if it is served fresh and with high quality.