sashimi names

sashimi names

The sashimi names are come from the type of fish the chefs are using when they use tuna fish they will use tuna sashimi and when salmon fish the name also is salmon sashimi. A sashimi is a Japanese name meaning raw dish all its ingredients are serving raw including the side dishes on it. When the people hear raw meat they feel uninterested of the food but when they tried to eat sashimi all their wrong thinking is gone.

It important that the sashimi names are well recognize because through this the customers will easily recognize that kind of sashimi. There are customers that are particular of the names of the sashimi and they will always remember it especially if they love the taste of that kind of sashimi. The tuna sashimi and the salmon sashimi are the names that usually recognize by many customers.

If you noticed in the menu of the Japanese restaurants the sashimi names are properly written. The fonts should be clear and with picture so that they can easily recognize what type of sashimi they are eating not all people are familiar with sashimi. The Japanese no doubt they know what sashimi but for those other races they will confused of the different names.

The sashimi names will guide for those first timers who eat sashimi. The amaebi sashimi,scallop sashimi,lobsters sashimi are only few of the hundred names of sashimi. Some names are frog,chicken and even horse sashimi. Some customers might confused of the different kinds of sashimi but in the long run it will be easy for them especially if the Japanese restaurants will guide them.

The names of the sashimi are very vital because without names customers will not determine what kind of food they are eating. The names should be visible to everybody and must clearly read to avoid confusion of the customers and once they recognize the name next time they will visit the restaurant they will just easily tell the name of the sashimi they want.