sashimi moriawase

sashimi moriawase

A sashimi moriawase is a Japanese name means it is a sashimi platter. Many people prefer to order sashimi moriawase because they find more save rather than order many kinds of sashimi individually. Sashimi moriawase is perfect for those big families who eat in restaurants and even group of friends it is advisable to order sashimi moriawase. Many restaurants have many varieties of option to their customers and sashimi moriawase is one of the best ways of ordering sashimi.

Sashimi is a Japan’s finest dish. It is kind of food that should be eaten raw. The main ingredients of sashimi seafood like salmon, tuna, shrimp and even lobster. Many people choose to eat sashimi because aside its delicious sashimi also contains many vitamins. Since its seafood expected it is high in protein. Sashimi is advisable to those people on diet those people who have high cholesterol sashimi is the best food for them.

Sashimi is popular in foreign countries wherein today there are a lot of people being diagnose of disease because of the content of the food they eat. Unhealthy food would lead to illness. In Singapore,Hawaii for instance most people now today will order sashimi moriawase. If you will order sashimi moriawase it is definitely brings great satisfaction because in the moriawase you can experience different kinds of sashimi or you can also order one kind of sashimi but it has many meat in the moriawase. If try to look the sashimi moriawase the meat looks very attractive and some chefs make the sashimi moriawase into an art where they slice the sashimi meat in different ways and put many vegetables,gonger and onion to looks very presentable and customers from presentation alone would definitely appreciate it.