sashimi marinade

sashimi marinade

Sashimi is one of the best dishes in Japan. It is a fresh fish and slice in small pieces and presently put in a plate with some other add ingredients on it. Before you can able to taste the best sashimi you need to marinade it. There are different types of marinade for sashimi it would depend on the chef or the one who prefer the sashimi. Different marinade comes up with different taste but the bottom line it is still sashimi the food made in Japan.

The fish used in making the sashimi is somewhat salty fish. But sashimi can be done also with other seafood it’s not only for fish. To marinade the sashimi it only takes a short time. That’s the standard way to marinade but if the person prepares the sashimi to marinade for long time it can also be done. The most important is the sashimi meat can still maintain its freshness and can’t affect the taste of the sashimi.

The marinade usually made was it mixes with vinegar. Vinegar used especially for those acidic one. The vinegar is an important factor in sashimi marinade. It’s the main component in marinade. It will take few minutes after the sashimi will be ready to prepare. Other marinade it o make it oily which usually made by everyone. Once the marinade is done the fresh fish now will ready for the next step of preparing. It looks so simple in preparing sashimi but it’s a little complicated since it’s a raw food.

The marinade of the sashimi will definitely add flavour to the sashimi. Without marinade you can’t appreciate the natural taste of sashimi. The meat of the fish should toughen through marinade. Simple marinade can change the entire sashimi taste. There are other people who haven’t try sashimi and they have no plan trying this kind of food because it’s not cooked. Some afraid if they can have a stomach problem once they eat raw seafood.

Marinade will also help the fresh meat free from bacteria. Sashimi is not an ordinary food that after being marinade it will directly put in a frying pan and cook it well.