sashimi maki

sashimi maki

The sashimi and sushi are the Japanese cuisines best dishes. They have different characteristics and preparation. There different types of sushi the maki and nigiri are the famous of most sushi. The sashimi is a dish that is prepared in a raw meat that will be sliced thinly and sometimes in a thick way. The sashimi maki is a combination of a maki which is a kind of sushi that the rice is rolled with seaweed together with the rice is a fish meat and others put some fruits.

The sashimi maki is a good combination since the sashimi is a raw meat and a maki has rice that is flavoured with vinegared rice. The sashimi meat will be put in the bowl could be a different kinds of fish meat and the maki sushi will also have different roll some maki the Japanese rice has no seaweed it was just simply rolled with a rice together with avocado and fish meat.

There some people might confuse what is sashimi maki or sashimi sushi they find it confusing especially for those first timers. It is not easy for them to identify the different. The only thing that should always remember is sashimi is always raw and maki sushi is not. There is rice in maki in sashimi there is no rice and when they combine the two dishes it is good combo meal.

Many people enjoyed eating sashimi maki because for them the dish contains everything they are looking for. To make the customers enjoyed choosing what kind of sashimi or sushi they want it is good that it is already in one plate the two dishes that most people would love to eat. This is good for people who want to lose weight.

In Japan there are many different kinds of fish and those fishes are not small fishes those are large fishes that need to be slice by those Japanese chefs that are experts in slicing in order to make sashimi and sushi. The maki sushi is a combination of rice and a small cut of rice and fruits as well.