sashimi maguro

sashimi maguro

The term sashimi maguro means a blue fin tuna. There are so many kinds of tuna and all its kinds have good qualities for making sashimi. There are also many kinds of blue fin tuna depends on what part of the sea they catch the fish. The fish use for making sashimi is not an ordinary kind of fish. The maguro fish is came from south and north part of the sea and it is not easy to catch this kind of fish.

The reason many Japanese restaurants serve sashimi maguro is that it has fatty meat and at the same time juicy. Once you eat it the flesh will simply melt on your mouth and it is very delicious in order to make it perfect taste better have the wasabi paste and the soy sauce make it great. Many people prefer this kind sashimi.

The sashimi maguro will take a process before it will serve to the customers. Like other sashimi the maguro fish should undergo a proper check by the experts if the meats pass the standard it will ready for making the sashimi. The large fish will be cut and slice properly of the Japanese chef so that it will catches the attention of the customers.

One of the attractions in Japan is their dishes and the sashimi maguro is a type of sashimi that many people would love because a maguro fish is just perfect for sashimi. Most Japanese restaurants before they prepare that particular sashimi they would make sure that it has hundred percent fine meat and juicy. Japan has the best cuisine of all time. You can find unique and delicious dishes which will satisfy your cravings. The best thing about Japan is you can experience different level of adventures, sightseeing and most especially Japan’s famous Maguro fish.