sashimi mackerel

sashimi mackerel

There are different kinds of fish being used in preparing sashimi. In choosing the right fish for sashimi it will undergo thorough check by experts. It is very important that the fish being used is on hundred percent fresh because it will affect the quality of sashimi if the quality of the fish is not good. Sashimi has good feedback in and outside Japan sashimi mackerel is other types of sashimi that considered as one of the options of the food lovers.

Mackerel is another kind of fish best for making sashimi. This kind of fish can be bought in the supermarket if you want to prepare sashimi mackerel you should check the freshness of the meat. In determining the freshness of mackerel you can check the eyes of the mackerel. Normally if the mackerel fish is still fresh you can look it in the eyes if the eyes of the mackerel are dark that’s mean that the mackerel is still fresh.

It can also determine if mackerel is still fresh if the skin is shinny and glossy. It is very important to always remember these simple tips in determining the mackerel’s freshness because sashimi mackerel will be eaten raw and to avoid contamination and possible parasites might enter into the skin. Health experts are very strict when it comes to raw food.

By the smell of the fish you can able to determine if the smell is still good. You should take extra careful in choosing the right mackerel meat for sashimi preparation. In making sashimi mackerel the steps would be like any other sashimi. Simply slice the meat proportionately and arrange it in the bowl. You can add some garnish and vegetables to make more flavourful. Dip the meat in a soy sauce and wasabi paste to complete the perfection of the sashimi. Sashimi mackerel is also one of the best seller sashimi.