sashimi lunch

sashimi lunch

The nicest thing in most Japanese restaurants today is that they were able to create many promo for sashimi in their restaurant like they have sashimi lunch wherein it has a different kind of sashimi in a plate and it has a les price or expensive depends on the amount of sashimi in the plate it will surely enjoyed by many people.

A sashimi lunch is a combo type meal wherein a sashimi is serve with miso soup and steamed rice. It is other option to the customers where in they can able to eat sashimi in a meal and it is very much advisable to eat lunch. If before sashimi is just good appetizer but now it is also best for lunch,dinner and even breakfast just serve it with other dishes.

The good thing in sashimi lunch is that the customers can save money since it is discounted because you order the sashimi in a meal. You can able to choose what kind of sashimi meal like tuna sashimi,salmon sashimi and some will add drinks to every meal they serve. Japanese restaurants offer option to their customers.

Some restaurants offer sashimi lunch menu wherein they have a special meal for lunch. It is nice kind of making lunch menu separate knowing eating lunch might consider as the heaviest meal next to breakfast. Chefs knew that customers will not settle only in a one order sashimi without additional other dishes like rice and soup.

Sashimi is a raw food and many people think that raw food is not safe to eat but with sashimi you can never go wrong when you try to eat this kind of dish. The Japanese chefs able to create a fantastic food and catches the attention by many people. It gives vitamins and minerals in the body it is not only delicious but nutritious.