sashimi list

sashimi list

There are different kinds of sashimi. Some people get confused about sashimi and its list. Sashimi is a raw fish or fresh meat. Sashimi is a slice fresh meat and popular in Japan. Sashimi is just simple dish. Some restaurants add sauce like wasabi to put flavour. Many people like to eat sashimi because it is popular worldwide. Sashimi needs a high quality of fish since you will eat this raw meat. It needs to be cleaned and put in a freezer to kill parasite and unwanted insects. As you know, some people are confused about types of sashimi. Yes, there are lots of sashimi list. It is better to know sashimi list especially if you are a sashimi lover. In this article will tackle variety of sashimi list famous in Japan.

Sake is one of the sashimi lists. It is served fresh and cut into thin pieces. Most restaurant serve salmon sashimi. Akami is part of the sashimi list. This kind of sashimi is cut into small pieces and the color is dark red. Akami contains low fat which is not good for some people because in Japan they are sensitive about health issues. On the other hand, chutoro has high content of fat, you can recognize as its color is pink. Hamachi is also called Japanese Amberjack. There is also Kanpachi an Amberjack type of sashimi list.

You can find variety of sashimi list in the internet. If you want to search for sashimi list then internet is the best provider. It is better to know sashimi list before dining in Japanese restaurant and eating sashimi. Sashimi is just a simple Japanese dish. Eventhough it is just a simple but the taste is so heaven. Many people love to eat sashimi because it is fresh and healthy. Sashimi is mixed with soy sauce to add a powerful flavour such as wasabi, ginger, and mustard. Some sashimi eaters make their own sashimi soy sauce and mixed with fresh vegetable and fruits at the same time.