sashimi in japanese

sashimi in japanese

Sashimi dish is one of the best cuisines for Japanese people and now including the non Japanese people also. The preparation of sashimi in japanese style is that it looks simple but it requires much attention since sashimi in japanese should be prepared well and follow the steps properly to avoid contamination. Sashimi is a raw food and the ingredients are seafood meat.

Many people love to taste raw food that is why sashimi in japanese is one of peoples favourite because they find it delicious and at the same time delicious. Sashimi is good for the body it has many vital nutrients needed in our body. Seafood are high in protein especially fish like salmon and tuna. Those fishes are considered the largest fishes in the ocean and use for preparing sashimi.

Japanese love to try food that is not usual to the taste of many people. They will create dishes that are not normal to other restaurants but the finish product is good and very delicious like sashimi in japanese best food created in Japan. Since sashimi proven delicious and healthy many other countries adopt in eating sashimi. They try to taste the sashimi in japanese cuisine and they find it very good.

Before western people are not fun of eating raw food but now it was change when they taste sashimi. In sashimi you will able to taste the meat of the seafood and dip it in a soy sauce and mix with wasabi paste. Most Japanese chefs used many side dishes like vegetables, ginger and onions to make sashimi looks very presentable at the same time vegetables gives additional nutrients to the body.

There are different types of sashimi it depends on the seafood they used. Normally sashimi should be cut thinly and arrange it in the plate properly. Japanese chefs make sure that all the sashimi they prepare is well prepared and safe. So far there is no problem of contamination on preparing sashimi because Japanese chefs make sure they follow the standard procedure.