sashimi in japan

sashimi in japan

Sashimi is a well known Japanese cuisine in Japan. It is a raw food and it is slice in thin for preparing sashimi. Sashimi in Japan is everyone does choose. This is their number one choice when it comes to raw food. Aside from that sashimi food is rich in protein. Sashimi is very popular all places in Japan but now sashimi are not only famous in Japan but also in different western countries.

Sashimi in Japan is mostly prepared by raw fish like tuna, salmon and other seafood. There are also other alternative meat to use like deer, horse and beef. In eating the sashimi in Japan it need to have a dipping sauce. Wasabi and soy sauce make sashimi more tasteful. There are also some side dishes of sashimi like vegetables but vegetable are not really necessary for sashimi it’s up to the chef who prepare the sashimi.

Sashimi in Japan has many types. The Maguro sashimi this is kind of tuna wherein almost all parts of this fish can be eaten. Most of the restaurants in Japan use maguro in preparing sashimi. This kind of fish includes in their menu. In making sashimi it is very important to look for a high quality of meat of the seafood. Sashimi doesn’t involve in cooking so chefs should make sure all ingredients are fresh well prepared.

Sake also is another kind of salmon good for sashimi. Its meat is somewhat orange and it’s very tasteful and fat. Japanese consider sake as their option for the making of sashimi. No doubt Japan is a country best in creating many things not only in technology but in food also. They love to invent many things useful. Sashimi in Japan is one of the best masterpieces made in Japan.

In preparing sashimi the fish should be check and maintain always its freshness. It takes time to freeze the meat of the fish for sashimi. It depends on the kind of sashimi but most of them need to freeze for a long time to make sure there will be no parasites and tiny bacteria in the skin of the meat.