sashimi hocho

sashimi hocho

The sashimi hocho is a Japanese knife use to cut the sashimi meat in order to achieve a perfect cut. It is very important that the meat of the sashimi should have a nice cut and proportionately because that’s one thing the customers attract through how the sashimi is being cut. The nice cut will add to achieve a nice presentation.

There are different types of sashimi hocho depends the compatibility on the hands of the person doing the cutting. Like the hon kasumi hocho they have well for left hand and right handed person. It is important that the chef is comfortable of the knife he is using because it will help achieve a perfect job and at the same time it will be easy for him to handle.

The price of the sashimi hocho will depend on the size of the knife. There are different sizes of the hocho. Most of the time the seafood meat like fish use by the chefs are large and it need a large hocho and it also has a expensive price for those small hocho it has also a cheap price and it will depend also on the brand of the knife. All sashimi meat needs a sashimi hocho. If you will look the picture of the sashimi the slice looks nice and perfect it is because the chef uses the perfect hocho on that particular meat. Most people are perfectionist when it comes to cutting of food it should neat and good looking. The Japanese hocho is very important in all people who prepare sashimi.

Most of Japanese cuisine has its own specified knife it is because the hocho has many types and specialization. For those small hocho it is not applicable to use for larger fish because it can’t survive because the larger fish like tuna and salmon have a thick meat and it will need a larger hocho too. The Japanese chefs are expert on what hocho they are using on a particular dish.