sashimi grade tuna

sashimi grade tuna

Fish is one of the healthiest foods of all time. Fish has lots of health benefits, it is rich with protein and it has high level of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is good for the brain and heart, that’s why doctors recommend eating fish everyday to prevent from disease instead of eating too much meat like pork and other foods that are rich with calories. There are different kinds of fish, small fish and big fish, it depends of what fish you prefer to buy. You can cook different kinds of recipe out of fish such as fried fish, grilled fish or you can also eat raw fish. Sashimi grade tuna is one of the best examples of raw fish. What is tuna anyway?

Tuna is a saltwater fish which can be found in warm seas. Tuna is famous for being a commercial fish and it is usually known as a game fish. Most anglers usually caught tuna fish and it depends of the weight and how big it is. Tuna fish belongs to the big size of fishes and some of them are extremely dangerous. Tuna fish is not easy to catch because of the size, anglers used the best rod and reel to catch tuna. There are different kinds of tunas such as albacore, atlantic bluefin, skipjack, yellowfin and bigeye, just to name a few. Tunas belong in the mackerel family.

On the other hand, sashimi grade tuna is a delicacy from Japan. It was called sashimi grade tuna because the tuna fish is cut into thin pieces. Japanese people named it as sashimi grade tuna if they cut the fish into thin pieces. Sashimi grade tuna is also famous food in Japan. Sashimi grade tuna is delicious because of the meat inside of it. Of course, when buying sashimi grade tuna, you should eagerly check if grade it properly, clean inside and outside of the tuna fish. Make sure they put it on the frozen to kill the bacteria, always consider what type of fishing gears they used, as you know there are different kinds of rods and reels. Sashimi grade tuna is perfect meal combined with rice, for sure, you will like it and crave for another sashimi grade fish when you tasted it.