sashimi grade fish nyc

sashimi grade fish nyc

In making a sashimi it is very important to find out a specific grade for it. There is actually a specific grade for a sashimi and that needs to be determined by the ones who are about to purchase the raw meat or fish. Sashimi grade fish should only be the ones to be served in the dining table and those raw meat or fish that did not pass the grade standard should not be included because it may cause harm to your business ones a low grade sashimi is being served in the dinner table. A high quality sashimi grade fish is that it is more fresh compared to just frozen fish on the stock. In my own opinion, most sashimi restaurants have frozen fish but high quality sashimi restaurants prefer high grade sashimi fish rather than frozen or stocked fish.

The quality of your sashimi would simply affect your business that’s why choosing sashimi grade fish is very important not only for your business but also for the health and satisfaction of your customers. Aside from that, a sashimi grade fish once frozen must have a temperature of at least -35 degrees for 15 hours. There are requirements in order to kill the parasites of the fish if there is any. The health of the customers eating the sashimi should be number one in the priority list. Since sashimi is made from raw fish, it is very critical in choosing high grade sashimi fish for customer’s satisfaction.

Most people refer sashimi grade fish as fresh fish or simply newly caught fish. But under some circumstances, not all of the fishes that you’ve bought in the market would be sold in a night of business so they need to be kept frozen but still the value of sashimi grade fish must be followed in order to keep the satisfaction of your customers high. Sashimi is such a delicious Japanese delicacy and maintaining its quality should be a priority in order to encourage more people to eat it. Though it is already very famous all over the world but in my own opinion, its grade quality should be maintain in order to keep more customers.