sashimi fugu

sashimi fugu

The sashimi fugu is also one of the popular sashimi in Japan but in preparing the fugu fish health experts are very strict since fugu fish is a poisonous kind of fish. Eating sashimi fugu is not advisable at home. It is better to eat it in the restaurants wherein there is a proper preparation of the fish fugu. Health experts required in most of the restaurants who serve sashimi fugu that it need to be train.

It is dangerous if you will prepare sashimi fugu at home because you will not know how to remove the dangerous part of the fish that may cause risk in your health. Sashimi is eaten raw there is no cooking in sashimi all ingredients are eaten raw so food handlers should take too much careful in preparing in this kind of food.

Despite fugu meat is known to be poisonous fish but still people will order it in the restaurants in fact it is very popular in Japan. In cutting the fugu fish there is a knife suit to cut this kind of fish. They know that fugu meat is poisonous but still they would really love to order it for sashimi. Most people love to try something extra ordinary. Like other sashimi the fugu meat is delicious and sumptuous. Always remember don’t just try to prepare the fugu meat if you want to try preparing sashimi to avoid necessary problems.

Experimenting different kinds of food at home is good but with raw food it would be better to trust it to those experts chef in the restaurants coz they know the exact procedure to be follow and they know every step of the procedure and when they serve it to their clients there is a guaranty of safety. Food contamination will give your health at risk so be careful in preparing food at home.