sashimi food

sashimi food

There are so many people all over the world get obsess the taste of this Japans best cuisine the sashimi food. It is a kind of food made up of very fresh seafood meat. Mostly the meat they will use the fish meat like salmon and tuna but there are time that the Japanese restaurants will cater horse and chicken sashimi and even frog sashimi.

The sashimi food needs a too much careful in preparing the dish it is because it is raw and raw meat is very much prone to contamination and the bacteria will attack the meat of the fish and it will cause bad to the health to the person eating the dish. That is why the Japanese has a quality on checking on the freshness of the fish.

The freshness of the meat it very important in the sashimi food. The texture of the meat and the colour should maintain in order the customers will attract. After the fishermen catches the fish it should be freeze in the high temperature so the meat will be preserve. The Japanese restaurants are very confident on the sashimi they are serving because they know the procedures are well check.

The Japanese cuisine touches the heart of many people not only in Japan and the sashimi food is one of the delicacies of Japan that they will choose to eat once they visit a Japanese restaurants. In preparing sashimi it needs expertise wherein the large fish are to be sliced thinly or thick in a different style which is one of the reasons why sashimi looks pleasant through its proportionate slicing.

The sashimi is best as appetizer but you can still eat it with meal like serve with rice and soup. Many people prefer to eat sashimi because they can able to taste the meat with its true taste since sashimi doesn’t involve in cooking. There is no cooking in sashimi all ingredients are truly fresh.