sashimi fishing

sashimi fishing

Fishing is one of the best activities ever in the sea. The best thing about fishing is you can experience the fun and thrill to catch different kinds of fish. Many fishers or anglers want to catch big fishes like tuna, salmon and other big fishes. Fishing big fishes must consider a lot of things like the materials used such as high end fishing reel and you should know how to use and catch it. Fishing is not only for fun and leisure time it is also a way of making moment with family especially if you like fishing. At the same time fishing is also perfect for business.

Fishing is one of the sources of income by many people. Some people catch big fishes because it is very in-demand in the market. One of the famous big fish to catch is tuna, salmon, blue fin, just to name a few. These kinds of fish can make a delicious dish like sashimi. Sashimi is a famous Japanese delicacy. Sashimi consists of raw fish and it can be eaten raw at the same time. Sashimi is cut into thin pieces and it is served fresh and healthy.

Before sashimi is served, the fish must be in a high standard refrigerator. It requires a high standard to store sashimi in a freezer and this to kill parasites. Sashimi is mixed with soy sauce like wasabi, ginger to provide additional flavour. Sashimi is known by many people throughout the world. Sashimi fishing became in-demand due to increase of customers and consumers. Sashimi fishing could be difficult since fish can be found in some part of Pacific Ocean or open deep sea. As what I mentioned above, you need to have a great quality of fishing reel. Catching big fishes is fun yet challenging, you must prepare for a big battle.

Sashimi is simple Japanese delicacy but once you taste it you will like it for sure. In addition, sashimi is considered healthy food because it has fewer calories and contains more protein. To conclude everything, sashimi fishing is fun and you will have an awesome experience.