sashimi fish types

sashimi fish types

Sashimi is a Japanese pride dish because this kind of dish originated in Japan and Japanese people able to introduce this dish to the market. Usually we see different types of sashimi and with different presentation. The fish used for making sashimi has a lot of characteristics. The chefs used high quality fish because sashimi is a delicate kind of food.

The type of the fish should be fresh and has good meat quality. The fish is not simply slice but the chefs use an art while styling the fish meat in the plate. Most customers will judge on the plate presentation so it is very important that the looks and type of fish in the plate will attract the attention of the customers.

All Japanese has different techniques on how to make the style of the fish. They have their own idea and ways on how the fish of the sashimi look delicious and eye-catching. Before the chef slice the fish like salmon and tuna they already have an idea on how to slice it like thinly but artistic. The type of fish used for sashimi will matter most because all fish has its different meat and their tastes so chefs and food handlers should be careful of what type of fish them using.

The type of the fish like yellowfin tuna, bonito tuna will give an impact to sashimi. People would easy to say that sashimi is delicious if when the looks of the sashimi is well style and well presented. The fish types of the sashimi say it all. There some people that is judgmental on how the product is being prepared and presented. A different type of fish has different taste but at the end it’s still eaten raw. To conclude everything, there are lots of sashimi fish types, all you need to do is recognize them so that you will not get confused. As you know, Japanese tend to create different sashimi fish type and you better know the sashimi fish type.