sashimi fish names

sashimi fish names

There are different types of fish names used in a sashimi and in this article I will be sharing to you the famous sashimi fish names available or should I say often times the people choice for a sashimi dish. Mostly people would love to eat sashimi fish compared to raw meat. I think it only depends on the taste or the mood of the customer but in restaurants, sashimi fish are often picked as far as sashimi meat is concern. There are different sashimi fish names and examples of these fish names are; Sake or salmon, akami or tuna, chutoro which is still a tuna, Hotate or scallop, ika or squid, amaebi or shrimp, Saba or mackerel, tako or octopus, Hamachi or usually known as the Japanese amberjack, fugu or puffer fish. I mean there are too many to mention when it comes to sashimi fish names and these fishes are only the most common types used in a sashimi dish.

Sashimi fish is very delicious since it is raw. But at first, there are only a few people who would love to eat raw fish especially in the west side of the globe. Eating raw fish has always been a Japanese tradition or delicacy that’s why it was very awkward or rare to see American people eating raw stuffs. But right now, because of modernization sashimi fish has been known globally. There are even fishes that are not found in Japan that are being used by foreign people in making a sashimi. I think some of this fish names are merely experiments by international chefs and successfully have a good review by the customers.

Eating a sashimi is healthy and there is no need to be afraid of even if it is raw. You just need to make sure that you are dining in a high quality Japanese restaurant and make sure that the sashimi fish that you are about to it is fresh. In my own opinion, sashimi fish really do have a advantage when it comes to marketing compared to sashimi meat. A lot of people pick sashimi fish because it is very delicious but I’m not saying that a sashimi meat is not delicious. Both sashimi fish and meat are very delicious.