sashimi donburi

sashimi donburi

There are so many ways on how the food of Japanese will be prepared the sashimi donburi is one way of the Japanese in preparing the food. This is a Japanese food that has a Japanese rice bowl with salad and a raw meat. This is one of the healthiest foods in Japan wherein of its ingredients that has a light effect to the stomach.

The Japanese are fun of making different kinds of donburi that people would love to order. They would really enjoy the mix taste of the sashimi, salad and the Japanese rice. There are ways to prepare sashimi donburi others the fish meat will dominate with salad and other they prefer to put many salads together with the rice bowl.

Many other countries would definitely love sashimi donburi because a normal sashimi is serve without rice but this one is different there is Japanese rice underneath the salad and on the raw fish meat and the wasabi will always there so the raw fish meat become more tastier. They find is a package kind of meal all in one dish.

The same with other sashimi dishes the sashimi donburi will have a thorough procedure since it has still a raw meat on top of the Japanese rice. These fishes have different types it can be tuna, salmon, yellow fin or others depends on the menu list. It is healthy because the calories content are balance although it has rice the carbohydrates are not too high.

Always remember that in eating a donburi although it is healthy you need to put some limitation of the food to avoid necessary problems on the health. But the Japanese chef assures that all ingredients in donburi like the raw fish meat are fresh and at the same time the vegetable are also fresh and the Japanese rice is well cooked.