sashimi don

sashimi don

Sashimi don is a kind of sashimi wherein sashimi and rice is its ingredients together with other soy sauce to complete the dish. Sashimi don has rice and on top of the rice is sashimi. This kind of food you will not only eat fresh fish meat but also you can eat a well cooked rice beneath on eat. It’s different from sushi coz sushi has a different style on preparing and ingredients though sashimi don and sushi has a rice ingredient beneath on it.

There are people that there meal cannot be complete without rice. Rice is one of their main meals so sashimi don is a great meal to be considered for those rice lovers. Many Japanese restaurants give their customers many varieties and choose the best food they think they can enjoy eating and give them complete satisfaction. Sashimi don serve by a raw salmon with Japanese rice on a bowl and they also put some side dishes like garnished and soy sauce. Japanese are very creative when it comes to cooking they don’t stop thinking new menu for all their customers.

Sashimi don is not advisable for those people who are in a diet. Its good bad in moderation in serving the rice because rice is rich in carbohydrates that make human become fat. Sashimi alone is good for diet since the raw fish of sashimi is rich in protein and there is no fat you can get in eating raw fish. You can get many nutrients from a raw fish aside from protein. Many people love to eat sashimi don because the meal is complete and it’s very consumable to all people. Japanese are also known to be a lover of rice. They have what they called Japanese rice suitable for sashimi and for sushi. Sashimi don can be at home. You can prepare and eat sashimi don in homemade style. Just buy all necessary recipes follow the procedure in making and taste it. No need to go to a restaurant and order sashimi don in you yourself know how to make it. Sashimi don is one of Japan’s finest dishes.