sashimi dishes

sashimi dishes

There so many different kinds of sashimi dishes serve in a restaurant. Though they have a lot of types still sashimi will be prepared and eaten raw. The only difference is that chefs use different kinds of seafood meat and slice it many different styles in order to attract customers. It should be slice proportionally and arrange properly in a large bowl.

Most of the sashimi dishes being prepared by Japanese are popular and delicious. A chef uses varieties of seafood like salmon, tuna, shrimp and crab. A salmon is of the popular sashimi because a salmon has a fatty and with perfect texture of meat best for the preparation of sashimi. In preparing sashimi the fish should be in high quality and the freshness is maintained.

Many restaurants owners serve many different kinds of sashimi dishes so that their customers have an option and the type of sashimi they will order. Some customers will choose those fish that contains colorful meat like the tuna. The tuna sashimi is one of the best selling sashimi because the meat of tuna contains flavor that suits for sashimi.

Some sashimi dishes come from chicken, horse and beef. Most of the time you often heard seafood sashimi because it’s more popular compare to other meat. In some selected restaurants they cater chicken sashimi but it’s rarely serve but there are some people will love to eat raw chicken coz they find it delicious coz they can able to taste the real meat of the chicken.

In preparing sashimi it requires skills and talent in order to achieve a perfect dish. Mostly in sashimi the fish being use is large fishes and they have to slice it either thin or thick and proportionately. It is not easy to cut large fishes especially if you are expert in cutting the right techniques in order to achieve the perfect cut. The proper cut will add attraction to the sashimi.