sashimi dipping sauce recipe

sashimi dipping sauce recipe

Many of us want to eat any kind of food especially its good for our health. We also want to eat any kind of foods that are delicious. One thing we are up to in daily basis is eating right!? Well, we love eating. If we are bored we end up eating. If we are stress we have the so called stress-eating. If we are sad we eat. If we are hurt we eat. If we are hungry of course we eat. Everything is fall into eating. For me, eating is very important because it makes us strong and gain energy. But eating has its disadvantage if we have no control on what we eat. Fresh and healthy foods are recommendable for the sake of our health.

As you go travelling, you explore culture and tradition as well as you experience to eat different specialties of the place. If you go Japan, you will experience several Japanese foods that will make you addicted. One of the famous Japanese foods is sashimi. Sashimi is consisting with fresh meat and fish such as salmon, tuna, blue fin and some type of big fish. You know its sashimi when the fish is cut into thin pieces and serve raw. Yes, sashimi is eaten raw which make it more unique and interesting to eat.

The best thing in eating sashimi is the sashimi dipping sauce. Since it is just a simple raw food, sashimi is mixed with dipping sauce to add its flavour. The most common sashimi dipping sauce is soy sauce and wasabi. You can also make your own sashimi dipping sauce recipe. There are bunch of sashimi dipping sauce recipe if you really want to experiment by yourself. In fact, there is a sashimi dipping sauce recipe with ginger, carrots, dry mustard combined with wasabi. Sashimi dipping sauce recipe consist with different kinds of vegetables or soy sauce.

Sashimi is tastier with sashimi dipping sauce so if you want to experiment then make your own sashimi dipping sauce recipe and share it to everyone. You can also refer in the internet for sashimi dipping sauce recipe. For me, soy sauce with ginger is the best sashimi dipping sauce recipe.