sashimi definition

sashimi definition

Sashimi definition is one of the best Japan cuisine made by raw seafood. Sashimi is the best appetizer of most Japanese. Sashimi is served raw no need of cooking. Sashimi definition consist of fresh seafood like tuna,salmon and other seafood that can be found in the ocean. Sashimi created in Japan. Sashimi should be slice thinly and put in a bowl.

Many Japanese people love to eat sashimi. There are other people who are confused of the definition of sashimi from sushi. Sashimi and sushi is best dish from Japan but they have different characteristics. Sashimi definition mean pierced body sashi means pierced stuck and mi means body. Sashimi definiton means uncooked kind of food.

Sashimi can be a main dish. You serve sashimi with rice and miso soup to complete the meal. Sashimi requires a dipping sauce like soy sauce with ginger and other ingredients suitable for sashimi. Non-Japanese people may confuse of the sashimi definition especially if they taste sashimi for the first time. Sashimi is very famous in Japan and western countries now try to adopt sashimi.

The way of catching fish in the ocean need to prepare an ice in the box. The fish will put directly in a box full of ice. There are so many varieties of sashimi like salmon, tuna, squid, yellowtail, octupos, scallop and many. Sashimi exists for many years and until now many people still love to eat sashimi. Sashimi is high in protein.

The freshness of the sashimi should be check well maintain. Raw food is a very delicate kind of food. The raw food is prone in bacteria and parasites. That’s the big problem in preparing sashimi because it needs to be attentive in preparing the right ingredients. The plate presentation of the sashimi if you try to look at the menu it looks very amazing and attracting to eat.