sashimi decoration

sashimi decoration

What can you say about sashimi? Does this Japanese food make you happy? Sashimi has grown in popularity ever since it was started. Sashimi is a healthy Japanese food because it gives more protein. Fish is used to prepare sashimi dish so no wonder it has more protein. As you know, fish contains protein with omega-3 which is very important in our body. Sashimi has less calories because it is eaten raw which it more healthy. Sashimi is served very fresh so it is good dish for those who don’t want to gain weight. I really can’t imagine how Japanese chef made such tasty sashimi made out of big fish.

As far as I know, Japanese love to eat raw food and there are many people prefer to eat raw food. Sashimi is not just plain seafood, there are lots of decorations to lure customers. Sashimi decorations are very important part of the plate because it is something customers look forward too. Sashimi decorations consist of different kinds of vegetable and fruits. There are many ways to create stunning sashimi decoration. Some make sashimi decoration out of a vegetable like carrots, cabbage or lettuce. You can create a flower from carrots and any type of vegetables leaf to add a stunning sashimi decoration.

Sashimi chef tends to do some sashimi decoration experiment. They have their own way to be creative in preparing sashimi. So be surprise when sashimi is served in your table because you may see a stunning sashimi decoration. For sure some of you end up thinking not to eat it and just preserve as it is because of how it was prepared.

With sashimi decoration it helps the Japanese restaurant to become one of the best sashimi restaurants ever. Experiment and exploring will make you more creative just like sashimi chef. It is indeed a good way to catch everyone’s interest.