sashimi calories

sashimi calories

We all love eating right and it’s a weight problem. Most of us love to eat food without worrying about the body. As you know, eating is not a bad thing its one of the best thing to do especially if the food is sashimi. You should know the amount of calories to the food you intake if it has a high calories or not. Sashimi has 240 calories, one piece of sashimi tuna is equivalent to 35 calories. Sashimi has different type of fish. There is salmon sashimi, halibut sashimi, tuna sashimi just to name a few. Sashimi calories depends of the type of fish and its serving. If you eat a lot of sashimi then the higher the sashimi calories is.

Calories is important in our health at the same time because it gives energy in our body. Our body needs energy and we must eat food that has calories to boost our energy. Calories has also side effect because it come from carbohydrates and fat which can cause us to gain weight and prone to any kind of disease due to weight problems. On the other hand, sashimi is also rich in protein because fish is rich in protein. Therefore, sashimi is a good food for the health as long you know how to balance eating sashimi. Sashimi calories could reach 240 in one serving or more. Calories comes with carbs so take it easy to eat sashimi.

Sashimi calories will become more high if you paired it with rice, calories with carbs is such a delicious meal but could lead us to gain weight. If you are health counscious or body conscious then you will know the exact amount of sashimi calories and its carbs. Sashimi is such a delicious delicacy and many people really love to eat sashmi so don’t mind about sashimi calories as long as you are happy about what you eat. To conclude everything, sashimi is a good food because it has a lot of protein, calories and carbs. It doesn’t matter if there is so much carbs as long as you know how to control or discipline your eating hobbit. You cant resist sashimi right, sashimi calories is not a problem anymore for sashimi lover.