sashimi bowl

sashimi bowl

A sashimi bowl is a specific bowl used in serving sashimi. But also some would prefer a sashimi plate than a sashimi bowl. Well it only depends on what particular sashimi you are about to prepare whether or not you will use a sashimi plate or a sashimi bowl. Aside from that the quantity of sashimi will also determine what specific bowl or plate will you use in serving your sashimi. Most of the time, sashimi plate is being used in serving sashimi but a sashimi bowl is for those type of sashimi which has a large quantity of serving and have a lot of sauce on it. So basically it only depends on you on which bowl or plate to use.

In Japanese restaurants, a sashimi is usually served in a sashimi bowl or a sashimi plate. It doesn’t matter whether where you are going to put your sashimi as long as you are serving a tasty and fresh sashimi. The most important thing is not the sashimi bowl but the sashimi itself. It should be a sashimi grade fish or meat and not just any other ordinary meat or fish being used in your sashimi. Yes there are a lot of Japanese restaurants right now that are serving sashimi and you should choose those restaurants that are serving high quality grade sashimi for their customers.

Sashimi is indeed very delicious to eat and whether it is serve in a sashimi bowl or a sashimi plate, the important thing is that you will be satisfied with the serving. The quantity or the amount of sashimi that you will get in a sashimi bowl also depends on the menu in the restaurant. There are sashimi’s that are served in a sashimi bowl that is good for 3 or more person while some are good for one person only.

In my own opinion, sashimi has really become more popular these days. With the help of internet, more people are aware that this particular Japanese delicacy is indeed very delicious and very healthy to eat.