sashimi at home

sashimi at home

Sashimi is a sliced raw fish meat. Sashimi is known in Japanese cuisine. Sashimi is cut into thin pieces and it is served just plain and simple. You might be asking about sashimi at home, well, sashimi at home is just simple just like sashimi itself. Sashimi at home include how to eat sashimi, how to prepare sashimi, what are sashimi garnish and dressing and type of sashimi. Sashimi at home helps to understand and be knowledgeable about sashimi. Sashimi at home provides you a hassle free and more comfortable and convenient to prepare. It is better to understand sashimi as this is part of Japanese famous food. There are some people get confused about sashimi because there are different meat prepare as sashimi.

Sashimi is mainly fresh raw fish meat. Seafood is commonly used as sashimi such as blue fin, tuna, and salmon just to name a few. Big fishes are popular to anglers because it is more meaty and tasty. The older the fish is the better sashimi. When preparing sashimi you need to cut the fresh fish into thin pieces like 1/4inches thin. You need a very sharp knife to cut a perfect sashimi.

When you finished cutting sashimi, you can start prepare garnish to provide decoration and flavour. Popular sashimi garnish are fresh vegetables and fruits. Sashimi garnish helps to attract more sashimi eaters. Of course, sashimi is best mixed with soy sauce. You can make your own soy sauce or experiment to make a sashimi soy sauce.

When everything is ready then you can sashimi. Eating sashimi is perfect by dipping into soy sauce it will provide additional flavour. Depending in your taste you can dip each pieces of sashimi into wasabi, ginger or other soy sauce. Some people dip it with wasabi because it provides delicious flavour. Sashimi has increased its demand in Japanese cuisine that’s why more people continued to eat sashimi. Some Japanese restaurants continued to prepare different types of sashimi out of salmon, sea bream, mackerel, Amberjack, squid, shrimp, just to name few. Sashimi at home is fun and you can experiment as much as you want. It is a good way to make your own sashimi recipe.