sashimi and sushi difference

sashimi and sushi difference

Are you a Japanese food lover? Do you know the difference between sashimi and sushi? Some people thought that sashimi and sushi is the same. Sashimi and sushi are both Japanese food but they vary in taste and how it cooked. Sashimi and sushi are one of the delicious Japanese foods. Both have unique taste that is intended to satisfy our cravings. Sashimi and sushi have a big difference by just looking at it. If you are a Japanese eater you will know sashimi and sushi difference. For some people who don’t know the sashimi and sushi difference, this article will provide you a brief description about sashimi and sushi difference.

Sashimi is just simple and plane type of Japanese dish. Sashimi comes from a high quality of fish such as tuna, salmon, blue fin, just to name a few. It should be a high quality of fish especially big fishes with mild flavour. Sashimi is popular Japanese food. You can buy sashimi in supermarket or just go to Japanese restaurant. Sashimi is cut into thin pieces which are often served raw or fresh. The thing about sashimi it is eaten raw served with soy sauce like wasabi, ginger and special ingredients or seasoning. Sashimi is very delicious when you dipped it with soy sauce with additional garnish such as fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, sushi is cooked with vinegared rice. Vinegared rice is a special type of rice from Japan. Japanese rice has flavour it is somewhat sweet and sticky. That’s why you don’t need to order rice because it will make you fully loaded. The best thing about sushi it is mixed with various fruits and vegetables. In fact, sushi contains more calories compared to sashimi because of the rice. Sashimi and sushi difference include how it cooked and prepared. Sashimi and sushi difference often occur its taste. But you can eat sushi and sashimi altogether. Sashimi and sushi have lots of differences but for those sashimi and sushi lover they would not mind because food will make you happy.