sashimi and pregnancy

sashimi and pregnancy

A sashimi is a kind of food that should be eaten raw. The main ingredients of sashimi are seafood meat and sometimes chicken, horse and beef but most of the time seafood meat is more applicable in preparing sashimi. Eating raw meat is somewhat delicate since bacteria might attack the meat of the fish and can cause contamination that might risk the health of many people that is sashimi and pregnancy should be strict because sashimi is not applicable for pregnant women.

A sashimi and pregnancy might be a little problem if you are really a lover of eating a raw fish. Most doctors avoid pregnant women in eating raw fish to avoid food poisoning and to avoid necessary problem during pregnancy but there are some women in Japan that still eating raw fish but no complication happen. It would possible there are cases won’t affect the pregnancy but it’s better to prevent rather than it’s too late.

There are a lot of people still wondering with sashimi and pregnancy. We all know that pregnant women are prone to any possible disease if the mother of the baby might not take extra careful on what she eats. Most of the people who will not allow pregnant women in eating raw fish are those people mostly in western part of the world because they think that it will cause complication to the baby. In Japan eating raw meat is their usual way of life and as Japanese people maintains a healthy life and no health risk.

People should always remember that a pregnant woman needs a good nutrition and vitamins so that the baby will be strong and with regards to sashimi and pregnancy just ask more about your doctor’s advice so that you will be aware of the proper food you will eat. It is true that the health of a pregnant women are not the same with a regular person that is why though some said eating sashimi is good or bad just better listen to your doctor for safety purposes.