sashimi and nigiri

sashimi and nigiri

The sashimi and nigiri is a Japanese food. Many people love to eat this food because it is very delicious and at the same time it has health benefits. The sashimi is a kind of food prepared raw. If the food is not raw definitely it is not sashimi because a sashimi is a raw fish or a raw chicken or horse and all its side dishes are all raw.

Most of the food lovers are love to search a food that has a unique taste and at the same time the place is cosy. The sashimi and nigiri is one of the best examples of Japanese cuisine. The nigiri is made up of vinegared rice and on top of the rice is a fish. The taste of the nigiri is sour and in sashimi you can able to taste the flesh of the meat.

Always remember that sashimi and nigiri are different in each other although they are both Japanese food still they are don’t have the same ingredients. The sashimi has no rice like with nigiri but you can eat sashimi with rice but serve separately. The sashimi is good to eat as appetizer. Many Japanese and non Japanese are in love to eat this kind of food.

Some ingredients of sashimi and nigiri are being modernized or customized by the Japanese chefs like with sashimi they put some fruits and lime juice on the side dishes. And with nigiri on the top of the rice they will also put some fruits like avocado and mango. The additional ingredients will make the dishes more delicious and tastier. When all the ingredients combine you can surely taste the finest food.

The Japanese cuisine are guaranteed delicious that is why thousands of restaurants are open all over the world it is because the demand is high and a lot also get curious of what the sashimi or the nigiri taste. The nigiri is a kind of sushi and taste sour.