sashimi ahi tuna

sashimi ahi tuna

The sashimi ahi tuna is usually serve in many Japanese restaurants in Japan. The ahi tuna also known as yellowfin tuna its meat is white. The fish is one of the largest fish in the ocean. This kind of tuna is perfect for making sashimi. The fish for preparing sashimi should have to be in high quality and the freshness of the fish matters most.

The ahi tuna known also yellowfin tuna and its body has colour yellow and the meat is pink and the texture contains best meat for sashimi ahi tuna. The ahi tuna can be catch in Hawaii Ocean and its seasonal most of the time during summer is best for ahi tuna. There are many fish in the ocean and ahi tuna fish considered the best tuna.

The sashimi is one of the best dishes of Japanese cuisine. There are many people are who loves to eat sashimi because aside that its delicious it will help lose weight and can earn mineral needed in the body. The sashimi ahi tuna has a nice presentation that is why many people choose this sashimi. The nicest thing about sashimi is that all its ingredients are healthy.

The sashimi ahi tuna has side dishes like vegetables and a fruit depends on the one preparing the food. The ahi tuna contains high fats compare to other small fish because larger fish has higher fat but still the fish contains high protein which is essential to the body. One of the reasons customers choose ahi tuna because they are familiar of the fish and at the same time the arrangement of the food.
There so many kinds of fish best for sashimi. There are many qualities need to be check by the chefs before they will choose the kind of fish for sashimi. The texture, colour and the quality of the fish matters most. The ahi tuna might be the best fish but it will still need a thorough check and undergo procedure because sashimi is eaten raw and raw foods are prone for contamination.