salmon sushi types

salmon sushi types

The salmon is one of the common fish use by Japanese chefs in preparing food. The salmon sushi types are saleable in many Japanese restaurants because the salmon is a special kind of fish and it contains a good meat for sushi and sashimi. In sushi it is important that the fish contains good quality and texture and color is very important.

The salmon sushi types one of them is the nigiri sushi. This kind of sushi the salmon is on top of the vinegared rice. The salmon fish can be cook or raw underneath a flavored rice. Along with salmon fish the side dishes like vegetables, lime juice and other fruits. In nigiri sushi the salmon will be cut thinly and place it on top of the rice.

Another salmon sushi types is the salmon roe where is kind of internal eggs. The Japanese are fun of experimenting new things just like in sushi they keep on studying what is best for sushi and what other fish use aside from salmon. The salmon considered as one of the largest fish in the ocean same with tuna and these fishes are hard to catch. The sushi and sashimi a Japanese cuisine is quite expensive since the fish that being use is not ordinary fish with salmon sushi types the salmon that being used may came from freshwater or in the ocean. There are fish like salmon that can survive in fresh water but it is good for them to just stay in the ocean. Another reason salmon is expensive because of the demand is high.

The salmon contains good meat texture the skin and the whole fish is good for making sushi. Many love the taste of the meat in salmon combine with flavored rice. For them this is the best dish that they ever tasted. Sushi is delicious whatever style Japanese chef is good in preparing ordinary food and turn into an extra ordinary one.