salmon sashimi roll

salmon sashimi roll

Salmon is one of the biggest fish in the ocean. Anglers want to catch salmon and it is their main subject. Salmon has a perfect meat to prepare for sashimi. Sashimi is made by raw seafood meat. That seafood meat will be slice thinly. Many Japanese and non-Japanese people love to eat salmon sashimi. So many people choose salmon sashimi out from any other delicious dishes.

We normally see a salmon sashimi will be slicing small piece or in thin horizontal way but salmon sashimi can also be done into roll. Salmon sashimi roll will be wrapped by seaweed. Like sushi roll it is also wrapped by seaweed but the difference with salmon sashimi and sushi is that sushi is rolled with rice but with sashimi only salmon meat will be wrapped.

Salmon sashimi is very healthy to the body but sashimi is not advisable for pregnant women and children since it’s a raw food. The meat of the salmon is fatty and reddish. Once the salmon will be slice and put it in the plate its looks nice and attracting because salmon meat is not a usual meat of the fish. Salmon sashimi is expensive but when you taste the salmon sashimi roll your money is worth to buy many pieces of salmon sashimi roll.

Like any other sashimi types salmon sashimi roll have side dishes such like vegetables, ginger and dip in the soy sauce and wasabi paste. Japanese chefs are very creative and artistic. They can able to slice a large fish into different types and come up a catching presentation that customers could attract. Salmon sashimi roll has a low calorie and the nutrients you can get from eating salmon sashimi roll are very useful in daily activity of the human’s body.