salmon sashimi nutrition

salmon sashimi nutrition

Salmon is a kind of fish that considered as one of the healthiest food in the world. Salmon sashimi can be eaten raw and this kind of food gives nutrients to human’s body. The nutrition facts will give details on how much is the percentage we get in eating a salmon sashimi. We all know that fish is reach in protein and it’s good for human’s body. Sashimi contains different nutrients that needed in humans body to maintain a healthy body.

Salmon sashimi gives nutrition to our body. The amount of calories you get in eating sashimi will depends on per serving. The more serving you have calories will increase. Salmon sashimi has biggest contributor of protein in fact salmon can prevent many diseases and disorders in the body. Human’s body needs nutrition so you need to eat balance rich in vitamins and minerals.

It is advisable to eat salmon sashimi rather than eating always pork wherein in pork you can get many fats and can increase your blood pressure. Balance diet is very important to human because our body needs those vitamins for survival. In eating salmon sashimi should also in moderation especially if you eat salmon sashimi with rice. You can get carbohydrates in rice too many carbohydrates will cause bad to your body. If you try to check the nutrition summary in 1 serving of salmon sashimi you can get 41 calories, 38% fat and 63% protein and zero carbohydrates. When eating food you need to check the nutrition facts for healthy purposes.