salmon sashimi nutrition facts

salmon sashimi nutrition facts

The sashimi is a Japanese cuisine that made up of a raw meat. This kind of food is very much known in Japan and now in some parts of the world. Many people said that it is healthy and it can easily help reduce weight to those people who gain weight. The salmon sashimi nutrition facts contains different percentage of calories it will depend on how many the serving is and the size of the salmon for instance. The salmon sashimi nutrition facts will reach high once you put large cut of sashimi especially the salmon and tuna.

The salmon sashimi nutrition facts have a large percentage compare to a normal serving a platter is a large bowl that contains many sashimi and some put different types of sashimi in the platter. The calories like for instance the tuna and salmon sashimi in a platter will range to 280-300 calories and breakdown to fats, cholesterol and sodium. Good thing in sashimi is that it has no carbohydrates since sashimi has no rice but you can still eat sashimi with rice but in separate servings.

It is important to know how much salmon sashimi nutrition facts so that you can able to know the calories to take if every day you will eat sashimi platter. The other benefits of sashimi is that it is has a vitamins like vitamin c, iron, vitamin a and calcium. Once you reach high cholesterol most probably around 38-40% you should need to have proper exercise to lose those too much cholesterol.

Although the salmon sashimi nutrition facts is much high so better eat a platter sashimi with the group not eating alone so that you can still gain the less cholesterol where about will range only 60-65% calories. But sashimi still is good to eat compare to eating pork every day which is prone to diseases especially if without regular exercise.