salmon sashimi calories

salmon sashimi calories

Many of us are very conscious about what we eat especially women. As you know, women are conscious about their body and the food intake. They did not want to get fat so they tend to know how many the calories each food they want to eat. Sometimes they give up foods that are rich in calories and carbs. Fish are rich in protein especially in omega-3 fatty acid content. The healthiest fish is the salmon fish. It is a huge type of fish that can be found in north Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Japanese can catch Salmon fish because they are one of the suppliers of salmon. As you know, Japan has lots of food made from fish.

So, you might be asking salmon calories right. Well, Salmon is often made as sashimi. Sashimi is one of the delicious delicacies in Japan. Sashimi is cut into thin pieces and eaten raw. Salmon sashimi has powerful taste and mouth watering taste. Many people prefer to eat salmon sashimi because it is healthy and less calories and carbs. Speaking of calories, salmon sashimi has 41 calories in just 1 piece of salmon sashimi. Imagine if you eat 2 pieces of salmon sashimi it will have 82 calories. Salmon sashimi calories are just very low compared to other fish.

Salmon sashimi calories will not contain high calories because it can be eaten raw. Salmon sashimi is a fresh Japanese food. That’s why salmon sashimi is good for dieting. Some people prefer to eat salmon sashimi because it has low calories and it can satisfy your craving. You will be fully loaded after eating salmon sashimi. In addition, salmon sashimi calories are a good way to start your diet. In fact, salmon contain 62% protein, 0% carbs and 38% fat.

You should not be worried eating too much salmon sashimi because it will not affect your balance diet. Salmon sashimi is healthy but of course you must be very careful since it is eaten raw. Raw food is not safe and can affect your health. Raw food brings health risk so I recommend eating in a Japanese restaurant because they have the best chef.