raw sushi rice

raw sushi rice

Sushi is one of the best dishes in Japan. It is very popular in other places not only in Japan. Japan cuisine made sushi an extra ordinary dish. Sushi was not originated in Japan it was only introduced in their place. But on the long ran sushi becomes Japanese best food. Sushi will not be completed without rice. Rice is one of the main components for sushi. Japanese rice and a special kind of rice.

Not all ingredients use for sushi is raw. There some types of sushi that using raw fish like nigiri sushi. The rice of the sushi has toppings of raw fish on it. Raw meat of the fish is only part of the sushi and it’s not really necessary that it’s raw. There are so many kinds of sushi. Different types different ingredients but still sushi is very delicious and has a good taste. The taste of the sushi make many people keep repeating eating on this kind of food.

There was some other sushi rice being prepared raw sushi rice. It’s not usual kind of rice since most sushi the rice being use is well cooked but there some other sushi rice that being prepared raw. You can’t believe raw sushi rice but it’s definitely true. There are so much different types of sushi that people get surprise. Who could believe that a sushi can be made with raw sushi rice. In many reviews there many customers who love to eat raw rice.

To make the raw sushi rice delicious there are other ingredients to be put so that the sushi will more delicious and tasteful. These side dishes will complete the dish. Normally side dishes like garnish, vegetable and ginger. There are raw sushi rice mixes with cauliflower. Japanese are good in turning food into extra ordinary. They can turn a normal sushi into a different way and people got amaze on it. Raw sushi rice is somewhat what people wonder and try the dish. Though sushi has rice it’s still good for diet coz there are other ingredients like vegetable to make the food balance to eat.