raw seafood dishes

raw seafood dishes

Most people are aware of eating raw seafood dishes. Eating raw is quite risky to the health since raw meat might attack by many bacteria. In most cases the raw meat mostly prepared is the seafood like fish, shrimp and crabs. The Japanese are not afraid to prepare raw dishes because they are sure that all of their raw dishes are safe and harmless.

There are other countries serve raw seafood dishes not only in Japan. There are other parts of Asia serve raw dishes. In Japan the sashimi is the most popular raw seafood dishes because all its ingredients are raw. It has a fresh fish meat like tuna, salmon and can also be shrimp and crabs. Many Japanese finds it delicious and healthy.

The tuna and salmon is the kind of fish that usually use for raw seafood dishes. These kinds of fish have perfect texture of meat and the colour of the fish is attractive. To make it more delicious the raw fish meat will have side dishes like vegetable and other garnish. It also needs dipping sauce to make it more flavourful and the ingredients will have an extra ordinary taste.

Health experts are very conscious in using raw meat. They make sure that the meat is fresh and store it in a high temperature. Once they catch the fish make sure that the bacteria will not attack the skin and into the meat. The chef should double check the meat before they will prepare the dish. The raw seafood is healthy even if it eaten raw or well cooked.

There are different ways in order to make delicious raw dishes. Some will prepare it through a salad form. They will mix it with fruits and eat it either with rice or without rice. Seafood meat is rich in protein and can low cholesterol that is why many people prefer to eat raw seafood rather that eating always pork that can cause high cholesterol.