raw meat sushi

raw meat sushi

Sushi is not made with raw fish. The term sushi means sour. Raw fish meat is only part of the ingredients of the sushi. Sushi is made by a white rice cooked add some vinegar after to add its flavour. The rice becomes the main component of sushi. Sushi is not literally eaten raw as whole not like in sashimi that all ingredients in eaten raw. There’s big difference from sushi to sashimi where many make this two dishes similar.

Sushi is known not only Japan but sushi is famous from other countries. Japanese used raw meat on sushi underneath on it was white rice. Some chefs make some additional ingredients of sushi to make it more delicious. Sushi is popular as Japans main food. Many Japanese restaurants make sushi using different kinds of meat. The white rice has a top of different raw meat.

The basashi this meat made by a horsemeat. It’s very unusual but Japanese serve this kind of raw meat to make sushi. The yuusashi it’s a raw beef and many love this kind of raw meat. The Kujira it’s a slice of Whale meat it’s rare it’s seldom serve for sushi. In Japan most of their sushi is serve raw but some parts of the world serve sushi well cooked.

They serve sushi with other seafood and add some side dishes. Sushi is made in different ways raw meat or not. In western people they made sushi in a different way as Japanese did. Sushi in western country made any toppings as long as they serve it cold. They don’t love raw food so they do not usually use raw meat in their sushi. For them sushi is serve even if without raw meat on it. Other sushi made from shrimp, crab, salmo and also vegetables. There are sushi is rolled by a vegetable and others simply prepare sushi as its usual presentation. Sushi is being love by many people Japanese and non Japanese that is why there are many different versions of sushi. But in Japan sushi will still remain its original ingredients wherein there is a raw meat involve and a white rice as considered as the main element of sushi.