raw fish for sushi

raw fish for sushi

A sushi is Japanese cuisine and it is very popular in Japan and even in western countries. The ingredients for sushi are Japanese rice and there are kinds of sushi that has a raw fish for sushi but sushi is not made up of raw meat. The Japanese are the one made up of raw meat. The nigiri is one of kind of sushi that a raw fish on top of the rice.

A raw fish for sushi is not always raw there are only times. There are countries that make sushi well cooked because there are countries especially the western countries are not much fun eating raw food but they love to eat sushi and some serve it all well cooked but originally sushi s not all raw meat only sashimi there are times these two dishes misunderstood.

The sushi is not originated in Japan it was only introduced to them but later it becomes the Japan’s best dish. The raw fish for sushi is like the salmon, tuna, yellow fin and others as long as the meats of the fish meet the standard in preparing sushi. Like sashimi it also needs a proper preparation and the meat should be check. The sushi is known with its sour taste because the Japanese rice has a flavour of vinegar. There are many kinds of sushi and there are also different kinds of raw fish for sushi it depends on the chef on what kind of preparation he want for sushi to make it delicious and tempting to the taste of many people. Aside from that it has also fine meat.

The sushi is not a raw fish but some people though it is a raw fish. There are some misinterpretation with the dishes because of sashimi a Japanese cuisine also that has a raw meat and exactly all ingredients are raw and it is different from sushi because it has rice and sushi has vinegared rice but sashimi can serve with or rice but in a separate menu.