raw fish and rice sushi

raw fish and rice sushi

Raw fish and rice sushi could be a perfect combination in a meal but when we talk about raw fish, it could also be a sashimi or a sushi. Raw fish is the number one key ingredient for a rice sushi. Sushi as you know is made out of a raw fish added with different types of ingredients like rice and other seasonings to make it delicious and at the same time look presentable. Rice sushi is very delicious and people all over the world also appreciate this type of dish. As you know rice sushi is made out of raw fish because there is no sushi that is made from raw meat or beef. When it is made from a raw meat then it is called sashimi and not sushi because sushi is only made from raw fish mixed with different spices and ingredients.

Raw fish and rice sushi is a very popular Japanese cuisine and right now even people from other Asian countries and to the rest of the world loves eating raw fish and rice sushi. In the past, mostly Japanese only eat rice sushi because it is a delicacy in their country but right now it is available in almost every restaurant all over the world. Even Americans would love to eat raw fish and rice sushi. Because of modernization, delicacies of every country reach worldwide and it is also a huge help when it comes to the marketing of the product. Right now it is very easy to sell raw fish and rice sushi because it is already a common dish.

In my own opinion, in eating raw fish and rice sushi one must be extra careful of choosing fresh raw fish. Since it is raw, it is very important that it should be fresh and of high quality so that as consumers we could ensure the safety of our health. It is not easy to be sick after eating raw foods but just to make sure we should be extra careful in choosing fresh raw fish and rice sushi. There are a lot of restaurants that offer these dishes and choosing a quality restaurant should be the best option as far as taste is concern.