puffer fish sashimi

puffer fish sashimi

A sashimi is famous dish in Japan and it is served raw. Most of the time the ingredients of sashimi is a seafood meat like fish. There are many kinds of sashimi the puffer fish sashimi is one of the known sashimi in Japan wherein this kind of fish is strictly monitored by the law of Japan because the puffer has a toxin it contains high toxin.

The toxins in puffer fish might be harmful in the body. The only person authorized to prepare puffer fish sashimi are those people that have skills in preparing puffer fish in which he is expert in removing the toxins from the fish. After that the fish will be now ready to serve for sashimi after it was slice and arrange in the plate together with other side dishes. To complete the taste it will mix by a wasabi paste and a soy sauce.

In Japan people are not afraid to try new food to serve to their customers a delicate kind of food they will make it a safe and delicious one like the puffer fish sashimi. This might be dangerous kind of fish but they didn’t to make a sashimi dish knowing a sashimi is raw food so the dangerous fish will be properly prepared and there is no case in Japan that there is a food poison with puffer sashimi.

If the person who will prepare the puffer fish sashimi is not expert there is a big possibility that it can cause poison to the person eating it. The restaurants in Japan will not easily serve dishes which are not safe. Most of the Japan’s sashimi is delicious and it is properly arrange in the large bowl and it looks very tempting that many people would love to eat.