preparing sashimi

preparing sashimi

Sashimi is a famous Japanese dish throughout the world. Japanese people love to eat sashimi and it is one of their main courses. Sashimi is popular in Japanese cuisine because it has very delicious especially dipped with soy sauce. As you look at it, sashimi is just a simple and plain Japanese dish. Sashimi is fresh seafood like tuna, blue fin, and salmon, just to name a few. Preparing sashimi is just simple but you need to make it perfect. You might be asking how to prepare sashimi especially in cutting sashimi. As you know, sashimi is cut into thin pieces.

Preparing sashimi you need to ready all materials needed. Preparing sashimi you need to choose first what kind of fish. Sashimi needs a high quality of fish since it is eaten raw. Japanese restaurant chefs make sure that they will serve a clean and well-prepared sashimi. Japanese restaurants have a great quality of refrigerator to store seafoods for sashimi. They provide a high standard freezer to avoid any health risk for sashimi eaters. In addition, preparing sashimi you should prepare a cutting board and a very sharp knife. You need a very sharp knife so that it is easy to cut thin pieces of sashimi.

Sashimi should be cut into 1/4inches but it’s not necessary. Part of preparing sashimi is putting garnish and dressing. Preparing garnish for sashimi will add powerful flavour and taste. Common sashimi garnish are vegetables and fruits. Of course, sashimi is best served with soy sauce such as wasabi and ginger. That’s why preparing sashimi is also like preparing its sauce and other ingredients to make it more delicious. After preparing sashimi then you can enjoy your sashimi dish.

Preparing sashimi is just simple as long as you know how to cut it. You should also keen about mixing sashimi ingredients. Well, preparing sashimi is a way of experimenting to create a delicious sashimi with mouth watering soy sauce.