preparing salmon sashimi

preparing salmon sashimi

Preparing salmon sashimi is just easy and simple but how about for beginners? Preparing salmon sashimi is a bit hassle especially when you started slicing salmon into thin pieces. That’s why this article will help you or give you information how to prepare salmon sashimi. Dining in into Japanese restaurant to eat sashimi would be a bit expensive but worth it of course. But if you can prepare salmon sashimi at home then why not do it right. Preparing salmon sashimi is just simple as cooking your favorite dish. You don’t need to worry about the taste and flavour because sashimi can be eaten raw and dipped into soy sauce like wasabi.

Preparing salmon sashimi first you need to prepare all the tools such as cutting board, very sharp knife or sashimi knife is recommendable, plate for sashimi, seasoning and additional ingredients for your salmon sashimi. When everything is ready you can start to cut salmon sashimi into thin pieces about ¼ inch thin. You need to slice it like slicing a spam or bread, slowly but surely. It is very important to have a very sharp knife when preparing salmon sashimi to meet the standard sashimi.

If you finished cutting salmon sashimi then you are free, the pressure is over. After slicing salmon sashimi, you can prepare its ingredients or seasoning. Preparing salmon sashimi is like decorating your own food. You can mixed it with fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Common salmon sashimi ingredients are carrots, ginger, mustard. You can also experiment your own salmon sashimi ingredients and seasoning.

Soy sauce is very important for salmon sashimi so you can make your own soy sauce aside from wasabi. After preparing your very own salmon sashimi you can serve it to your family and let them judge your salmon sashimi recipe. Preparing salmon sashimi is easy and simple as long as everything is ready and you know how to slice it into thin pieces. You can also refer in the internet for more information about preparing salmon sashimi with different style.