prawn sashimi

prawn sashimi

The sashimi is a kind of dish that doesn’t involve cooking. There are only few steps in the preparation. Always choose the meat for sashimi and the freshness is very important. There so many kinds of sashimi that people could choose for the prawn sashimi is only one of the options. Most of the time the famous meat use for sashimi is the fish like tuna and salmon but now Japanese restaurants keep on creating something new for sashimi for the benefit of their customers.

A prawn is a kind of shrimp that is large like the fish the meat of the shrimp is fat and tender so it good to have a prawn sashimi. It is easy to prepare this type of sashimi just make sure the shrimp is fresh and free from any bacteria you can prepare it even at home. The first step you will do is to remove the head of the shrimp and after peel of its shell.

After peeling the shells wash it well and put it a bowl and arrange it well together with its side dishes. Many said that prawn sashimi is delicious and it taste good. The prawn is one of the meats that make sashimi more popular and consider it as one of customer’s option when they will visit Japanese restaurants.

The prawn sashimi is still prone to contamination that is why it still needs to have extra careful in preparing to avoid problems in the body. The prawns are known to eat well cooked but now it is also popular eating raw and many people love it. The demand of this kind of sashimi became high and many customers love to order it most of the time.

The colour of the prawn looks sashimi very attractive. The texture of the meat and the tenderness is one of the best qualities needed for sashimi and the same time it is juicy.