otoro sashimi

otoro sashimi

A sashimi is a kind of fish composes of raw meat most of the time the meat use for making sashimi is a fish meat and the otoro sashimi one of the best example and otoro is a special kind of tuna. It has oily meat and it has a high quality on its meat. Good thing with otoro is that the meat is come under belly of the fish and you can assure that once it serves its safe.

There are many types of sashimi depend on what kind of fish to use the otoro sashimi is one of the best sashimi in sashimi and it is very delicious. Many people have tried to it sashimi and they have a good feedback with otoro meat the flesh taste good. There is a process on how to get a high quality meat for sashimi it is not just easy because it undergoes quality check.

The otoro sashimi is serve and included in the menu list in most of the Japanese restaurants it is because many people love the flesh of otoro though it’s expensive but the its worth the price. In sashimi since it is raw you can able to taste the real meat. It is very important that the meat is fresh because the taste of the sashimi will matter with freshness of the meat.

Like other sashimi the otoro sashimi also has a nice presentation. The chefs slice the meat thinly and arrange in a large bowl and add some side dishes garnish with vegetables and all ingredients should properly arrange because the presentation will add beauty to the dish. Japanese chefs are good in slicing the meat and once they put it in the bowl many people are excited to eat.

The otoro meat is one of the best parts of the tuna because the meat is fat and oily. The otoro meat is best when it serve raw. There are still people who are afraid to eat raw meat because their mind set is raw food is dangerous to the health well in fact it is not a threatened to the health when it is properly serve and the ingredients are fresh and with high quality.