nigiri sushi sashimi

nigiri sushi sashimi

The nigiri sushi sashimi is the dishes of Japanese cuisine. The Japanese cuisine is the favourite cuisine of many people. They have many dishes that are very delicious that has a tempting taste. Most of the Japanese cuisine use seafood meat like fish, shrimp, crabs and many others. One of the reasons they prefer to use seafood meat it’s because it is very healthy.

The dishes of Japanese cuisine have different characteristics like nigiri sushi sashimi dishes. The nigiri is a type of sushi made with vinegared rice and on top on it is a raw fish. The sashimi is raw kind of dish all ingredients like fish, vegetable and other garnish are prepared raw. The sushi is very popular kind of food not only in Japan but also in other countries.

The food goers are very particular with the food they want to eat. They would make sure that the food they eat can give satisfaction and worth the price. Most of the customers prefer nigiri sushi sashimi dishes because they are satisfied of the ingredients of this kind of food. If they love to eat food with rice they will choose nigiri sushi.

The difference of nigiri sushi sashimi is that the nigiri sushi the ingredients has rice flavoured with vinegar while the sashimi is a raw meat sliced thinly and arrange in a large bowl. The wasabi paste and soy sauce is very useful for sashimi because it will add true flavour. The nigiri sushi it can be eaten with wasabi paste and soy sauce or without.

There are many Japanese restaurants open in some parts of the country. If you love to eat Japanese cuisine no need to Japan just to taste their finest dishes because they The Japanese will bring the Japanese cuisine in your place. The sashimi and nigiri sushi will be easily to dine and also try other Japanese best food like ramen, tempura and miso soup.